With the rapid blending of ethnic backgrounds and acculturation levels in America well underway, traditional demographic and psychographic target segmentation have been rendered obsolete.

Now more than ever, brands need to look beyond gross generalizations and simplistic universal truths. We need to surpass labels and stereotypes, instead looking at consumers the same way they look at themselves; celebrating their sense of authenticity and individuality as well as their collective values and passions.

Axis focuses on culture clusters – where otherwise ethnically disparate consumers connect, relate and rally around a shared mindset. ClusterX is Axis' proprietary culture-based targeting and segmentation model allowing leading brands to develop and deliver highly customized and effective messages to unique, scalable clusters of consumers. ClusterX studies consumer patterns and identifies the best channels to reach them.

It's time to leave behind canned demos and approach target segmentation using fluid Culture Clusters. By crafting campaigns and marketing initiatives around culture, brands can start focusing on what really matters to consumers themselves… what they like, how they see the world and how they see themselves.