We know that content is king, but it’s also in short supply. The always-on content expectation of social media has created a heavy burden on brands looking to extract value and ROI from their digital publishing operations.

At Axis, we develop thousands of branded content packages every month – of all shapes and sizes – for our client brands. Along the way, we’ve learned that the key to successful social content is creativity, customization and curation.

Consumers are increasingly information rich and time poor. They crave real, authentic content and connections, not repurposed stock photos and static promotional messages.

Through Accent Studios, Axis delivers a unique content production model that designs and develops a steady stream of daily content across a myriad of digital and social channels. This high-value, high-output content engine combines original, third-party and user-generated content to deliver economies of scale for our clients.

Brands leading in the new digital and social marketplace recognize that content is currency, traded for attention, trust and business value.